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Use Staffin to easily create job ads, find qualified candidates, track, share, and evaluate information


Cloud based solution

Staffin is a cloud based solution which is accessible from anywhere with an internet
connection so you can be hands on all the time and deal with your projects very

Simple to use

A solution with a wide functionality and a modern simplicity. We focus on intuitive
interfaces, clean layouts and a simple user experience, which is why people claim to
actively enjoy using Staffin.

Easy to customize

We know all businesses are not the same, which is why we give users complete freedom
to customize Staffin. It is tailored for your business processes not the other way

Amazing Features


Shared company calendar, seamlessly integrates with popular calendar apps


Filter candidates, projects, jobs. Advanced and fast search engine for every field and document added


Full history of system logs. Keep track of every single login into system


Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Multiple
user access.

E-mail notifications

Send reminders, as well as Welcome and Thank you letters.
Automate the communication with candidates.

Job ads

Use built in or create Templates & Forms. Post ads in the most popular Job platforms with an ease of one click


Customise permission levels. Use our dynamic permission settings

Data safety

EU personal data protection. We provide service that comply with EU rules and regulations


Carry out recruitment process effectiveness measurements – about most effective
communication channels, hours spent on recruitment project

Why Staffin?

If you as recruiter experienced that

  • there are already too many spreadsheets of recruitment projects and candidates in different folders and computers.
  • it becomes hard for you to remember all great or not so grate candidates.
  • it takes too much time for you to find all the necessary emails and phones to
    arrange meetings with client and candidate
  • it is very polite to send letters to candidates about their approval or
    rejection, but it is not so easy to remember to do it
  • sometimes you need to replace your colleague but you find that it is not so easy to continue his/her projects
  • it is very crucial to keep all personal data protected.

Then you will appreciate Staffin

  • Multiple users can use one tool according to their authorization level – oversee all of the recruitment projects across organization or work strictly with
    recruitment projects of your responsibility.
  • A nice and easy to operate tool with option to tag your ‘’great and good’’
    applicants so you can find the right candidate very fast
  • You are able to save all contacts of involved parties so you can communicate with them directly from the system, as well as synchronize information within the calendars of all parties
  • Improve collaboration and bring structure to your work. All projects are managed according to one process so it is easy to find all project information and substitute your colleagues during their vacation.
  • With one click distribute ads online and on social media through Staff In
  • StaffIn keeps all information in compliance with EU data protection regulations.


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